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What is the purpose of Life? Why are we here and where will we go? Does God exist? Is there life after death - and if so, will we all go to Heaven? Is Hell real?

These are questions most people ask (themselves) sooner oder later. And there are answers. But sometimes those answers are all but convenient. Especially for those people who think they are independent masters of their lifes.
Politicians, scienctists and our educated society try to convince us that every problem could be solved. It doesn´t work - and it will not work ever! Why? Because mankind has a great problem. SIN! Sin is the problem. What is the definition of sin?
In sense of the Old Testament sin is rebellion - rebellion against God and God´s will.

Today most people think they don´t need God - they are so busy with earning money, raising their children, stressed by spending their leisure, they are concerned about climate change, gender mainstreaming and on and on and on ...
They are so busy they don´t recognize the void. And when they do there are lots of drugs, alkohol and sex to forget it. But that´s only temporarily

This ´void´ is a very imoprtant part of our soul. You can´t fill this void with things of this world: money, power, sex, drugs etc. This void - will not go away by such things because it´s a faint memory of the divine - of eternity. It´s faint but it´s always there as long as we live.

On this website I try to give some clues to make you curious what The Holy Bible - what God tells us about all the questions stated above.




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