The debate evolution vs creation splits apart scientists and believers.
In short the evolutionists belief is that during a vast period of time species evolved by tiny mutations and only those creatures survived which fit best in their environments.

Einstein once quoted when he was asked whether there were lifeforms on other planets:

If there ain´t any life on other planets - this would be a great waste of space.”

What about life on other planets?

The Bible does not say that there is life on other celestial bodies. It is said that the Moon and the Stars are made as signs for seasons and feasts.
There are many people who believe there is life on other planets - recent polls claim that a majority believe in UFOs coming from other planets or even other galaxies (despite the fact that millions of lightyears lay in between the distance of our milky way and our closest “neighbor” galaxy Andromeda).
But yes, indeed, UFOs are real but they are not of ´nuts and bolts´ - they are not from other planets/galaxies at all.

The UFO phenomenon is nothing new - no issue of our modern life.
Who are the ´aliens´? And is E. T. benevolent? Are they our caring “cosmic brothers” helping us evolving to a higher level of conciousness? Will they save us and our planet?

to be continued soon ...

Why Evolution Is Impossible

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