Islam kills




...each and every day!

Within  it´s 1,400 years history 270 - 300 million people fell victim to this evil cult of death and murder. Not included are such people who had been driven off their land, raped, enslaved and mutilated by the followers of the blood thirsty idol allah.

Here is a list of men, women and children who were killed in the last 30 days

Yes, Islam is a religion of Peace - Peace of the grave yards!


Islam is nothing more than a satanic ideology just like nazism and communism. The moon idol al-hila aka allah is a demon which leads people astray.

Muhammad the inventor of this cult of death and murder was a mass murderer child molesterer and a slaver - so what else could one expect ...?

The tragedy is: muslims deny Jesus Christ as their one and only savior. Their eternal fate is sealed.

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